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Listen or download the entire CD,  "GRAND POP"!  Click, "music" then "Grand Pop".  Enjoy!  Free the music!

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Darien's latest CD, "We Are Mountains" has been released!  It is available by going to the "Buy" page and is also available at itunes, amazon, rhapsody and most other internet retailers. 

The Music link will take you to a large selection of Darien's music, including, "Grand Pop", the acoustic/folk album, "Now", the complete, "Lucius the Lobster" CD for children, the remastered CD of love songs, "Not Alone Anymore" all 4 movements of Darien's "Hiking Symphony" and several examples of digital compositions and pieces from Darien's musicals.  The entire "Iron John", the story of Iron John embedded in soundscape is also here.  You can listen to the story online or download the entire piece if you wish.  

Darien Martus